Dear Pension Fund Member

As we see summer approaching and felt the first summer rain falling, we can take a moment to think back to all that has happened this year.

To assist you in your retirement planning, Alexander Forbes has been preparing a special mid-year benefit statement as at 30 June 2021 for all of our pension fund members. You will be receiving this statement shortly. Attached please find a UJ Benefit Statement Assist document to assist you in reading this statement.

As you are aware we use infoslips to provide you with these statements as this system aims to protect your personal information. You will be receiving an email from Infoslips. Your Benefit Statement will be attached to the email from Infoslips – this is not spam. Please note that in order to open the statement, you will have to download the Infoslips viewer if you have not done so before.

Staff members who already have the Forti Client VPN installed on their machine will be able to download and install Infoslips from the Software centre without any administrator login restrictions by following the below steps: (Should you not be able to see the software centre as per the below, please contact ICS)

1. Ensure that you logged and connected to the Forti Client VPN
2. Type Software centre on the bottom left corner of your machine
3. Open software centre and search for Infoslips
4. Double click on the Infoslips logo
5. Click on install.

Staff members who do not have the Forti VPN already installed and who do not have admin rights will unfortunately have to contact the ICS helpdesk for assistance , however I assure you that they are able to assist you remotely in a timely manner.

Should you have any queries, please do not hesitate to contact us.

As always, take care!