Dear Pension Fund Member

Member Elections

As indicated previously, we are once again holding member trustee elections, this provides you with the option to vote for the person you feel should be managing your retirement fund. For all of you who have sent in your nominations – thank you for your participation.

We now move to the next phase in the member election process. In this phase you are requested to vote for the person you feel should be representing you on the board of management of the University of Johannesburg Pension Fund.

You can submit your vote by completing the attached ballot paper and returning it to Ms Fairuze Khan via email: Alternatively you can also vote online. You can access the online form by clicking on this link: .

All ballot papers and votes must be received by 12:00 on 26 November. The results of the voting process and the elected trustees will be made available during December 2021.

You can only vote for 1 person and you must complete your details for audit purposes. Please note that your personal information will be treated as highly confidential and will not be disclosed.

Attached, you will also find more information regarding the nominated candidates who have agreed to participate in this process.

We look forward to receiving you votes!

As always, take care!