Dear Pension Fund Member

We trust that you have had a wonderful break. As we enter 2022 we wish you a Happy New Year. May peace, love, and prosperity follow you always.

Unapproved Group Life Form

As the new year starts, we remind you that if you have not yet completed an updated nomination of beneficiary form for the Unapproved Group Life policies which are held in the name of the University, please do so now.

These policies are regulated by the Long Term Insurance Act. This Act has been amended and now requires that all nomination forms, for these types of policies, reflect that the benefit is payable from an unapproved insurance policy. “Unapproved” is an insurance term used to indicate that the benefit is not provided through a SARS approved retirement fund. These policies are not benefits provided through the University of Johannesburg Pension Funds.

Should you not complete the new form, your death benefits will be paid into your estate and not to your beneficiaries. We attach the new form and request that you return the signed and dated form to your Betsie Jordaan ( and Estee Jacobs (  or to myself or Fairuze Khan in the pensions office electronically or hand in the completed signed form at UJ HR’s offices, as soon as possible. We will ensure that this new form is placed on your personnel record. Please note that these forms will be treated as highly confidential. We also remind you that, should your circumstances change, it is your responsibility to update this form and provide the updated form to UJ HR.

Member Trustee Elections

Thank you to all of you who have participated in the recent trustee elections. We have another vacancy on the Board of trustee which need to be filled. One of the alternate member elected trustees confirmed her resignation from the board of trustees. As such, we urge you to participate in this round of member elections. Attached, please find more information as well as a nomination form. You can also submit your nomination online using the following link:

I remind you that this is your turn to ensure that you elect a person you can trust with the management of your retirement fund. I also remind you that you may nominate yourself.


As always, take care and stay safe!