Dear Pension Funds member

As the academic year kicks into full gear and we look forward to what can be achieved, I also take this opportunity to look back and see what has happened in 2021.

Investment Returns

The following investment returns were earned over various periods to 31 December 2021:

Attached, please find our full investment report providing you with more information regarding our investment portfolios.

Investments Webinar

As always we will be hosting our investment roadshows in February. These will be in the form of a webinar:

The remainder of our 2022 events are indication of the attached brochure!

I trust we will see you at these events!

Alternate Trustee Elections

We have also recently held member trustee elections. I am pleased to announce that Prof Chis Landsberg has accepted his nomination into this position of trust – Welcome to the Board of Trustees Prof Landsberg!


As always, take care!