Dear Pension Funds Member

Investment Roadshows

Thank you to all of you were able to attend our recent investment roadshows.

Attached, please find the slides presented by our investment consultant, Mr Neil Myerson. The recording of the session can be accessed on this link:

You can also access the recordings in the meetings under the chat functions.

Nomination Forms

The world event of the past week has indicated that we should never take anything for granted. As such I am reminding you that if you have not completed an updated unapproved group life nomination form, please do so now. Should you not have completed a updated nomination form since November 2021, your benefits payable from the University of Johannesburg Unapproved Group Life Policy will be paid into your estate and not to your beneficiaries.

As an employee of UJ, you have benefits available to your beneficiaries from this Group Life Policy, the UJ Pension Funds and you have a funeral benefit. All of these policies require a nomination form to be completed and saved on your personnel file at UJ HR. In order to assist I attached the new unapproved group life, UJ Pension Funds and the funeral benefit nomination forms. These forms can be returned to myself or Fairuze ( at the pensions office, Betsie Jordaan at UJ HR Benefits or HR Remuneration and Benefits (

Old Mutual Policy Protection Rules

For your information, attached, please find our insurer, Old Mutual’s most recent PPR (Policy Protection Rules) disclosure.

Contributions due to the fund for January 2022

In terms of section 13 of the Pension Funds Act 24 of 1956, all contributions to a retirement fund must be paid to that on or before the 7th of the month following the month for which the contributions are due. The contributions for January 2022 was therefore due to the fund on or before 7 February 2022. Unfortunately due to a systems error, this payment was only made on the 8th of February. As a result late payment interest was levied against the University. This has already been paid to the Fund and is in the process of being allocated to your member records.

As always, take care and stay safe!