Dear Pension Fund Member

Annual Trustee Report

Attached, please find the UJ Pension Funds Annual Trustee report. In this report you will find a summary of the Fund’s audited annual financial statements as well as a summary of the events of the year ending 31 December 2022. I trust that you will find it an interesting read.

World Finance Awards: Best Pension Fund South Africa 2023

Worldwide the pension funds’ industry had to navigate negative pressures and uncertainties as a result of the COVID-19 crisis and now focus on a world beyond the pandemic – a world with rising interest rates, rising inflation and challenging investments. Yet, the industry’s main focus remains the needs and objectives of our members, with a desire for greater effeciencies, stronger resilience and member focused solutions.

The 2023 World Finance Pension Fund Awards Programme reflected and showcased the pension fund industry’s regional innovators, game changers and leaders. The World Finance Pension Fund Awards panel of judges, and indeed the wider World Finance voting community, all share a strong admiration for the operational characteristics of University of Johannesburg Pension Fund’s resilient, pension fund provision offering.

‘One of the many strengths of the University of Johannesburg Pension Fund offering, is the strong regional asset class allocation strategy, which has delivered strong returns. which is coupled to a strong pension education programme/fiduciary duties. This dynamic supports a member rich experience/satisfaction dynamics, and morover, enhances University of Johannesburg Pension Fund’s proactive, holistic understanding of their members, pension provision needs and objectives. Moreover, this also demonstrates that University of Johannesburg Pension Fund is meeting members highest expectations and demands in the “New Normal” post-pandemic pension provision landscape.’

With this in mind, and in light of the qualitative research undertaken by the World Finance pension fund awards committee/panel, it is with great pleasure, we can now announce that the University of Johannesburg Pension Fund has been named by the World Pension Fund Awards judging committee/panel, as the winner for the category of: Best Pension Fund – South Africa – 2023.

We thank all of our partners for assisting our Pension Fund in achieving such a great accolade.

As many of us now take a winter break to recharge for the remainder of the year, please take care and if you are traveling, please travel safely.

Kind regards

Principal Officer
UJ Pension Funds