Dear Pension Fund Member

As we start to wind down and looking forward to a great summer break, the Fund has some exciting news still on the way!
We look forward to your assistance in the trustee elections as you elect the persons who you feel should represent you in the management of your Pension Fund.

Trustee Election: We need your vote!

We take this opportunity to thank you for all the nominations we have received. We thank the various candidates for making themselves available and accepting this nomination of trust.

Now, it is time for each member to vote for the candidate you feel should be elected as alternate member trustees!

There are two ways in which you can vote:
You can vote online by clicking on the following link:
Or you can email your completed ballot paper to Ms Fairuze Khan –
Voting closes on 6 December at 12:00 .

On the attached ballot paper, you will also find a short biography of each candidate to assist you in making your selection.

We look forward to receiving your votes!

Funeral benefits and risk benefit premiums

We have some exiting news. As you know, the fund provides you with a funeral assistance benefit of R 20 000 (with a sliding scale for children) covering you and your spouse and minor / studying children (up to age 24). After negotiation with our insurers, we are pleased to announce that this benefit will be increased to R 30 000 (and a sliding scale for children) with effect from 1 January 2024.

This benefit increase is also provided to you at a slightly lower premium, than what we are paying currently. The premiums are as follows:

Also attached, please find your funeral benefit nomination form. If you have not completed a funeral benefit nomination form, please do so now. If the form is not completed, this benefit will be paid to your estate in terms of the current legislation. You can send these forms to, or return the same to myself or

In addition, we have also received a reduced premium rate for the other insured benefits (death and lumpsum disability benefits) on the UJ Pension Fund, the new premiums for 2024 which will be deducted from your employer contributions to the Fund is as follows:

Please note that these premiums are deducted from the employer contributions made to the UJ Pension Fund, since these premiums are lower, your contributions to retirement savings will increase.

As always, take care and stay safe.
Kind regards

Principal Officer
UJ Pension Funds