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Welcome to our UJ 4IR in Action article series. Here, we spotlight the transformative power of the Fourth Industrial Revolution through groundbreaking stories of innovation that create significant societal impacts. This dedicated page serves as a vibrant showcase of how UJ is not just part of the 4IR movement but a leader in integrating technology with human-centered development.

Our features range from articles such as the educational innovations of Dr Philip Baron, who extends his classroom through a widely followed YouTube channel, to the life-changing technologies developed by the UJ Process, Energy and Environmental Technology Station (UJ PEETS), which are providing clean drinking water in remote areas through advanced hydropanels.

We also highlight pioneering research such as Yusuf Kewuyemi’s development of nutritious 3D-printed biscuits, representing our commitment to addressing global challenges through local ingenuity.

Here you can also read many more stories about impact through innovation.

These stories exemplify UJ’s mission to utilise cutting-edge technologies for greater good, ensuring that our advancements in AI and other fields are firmly anchored in enhancing human capabilities and improving lives. Experience these narratives and discover the potential of technology to not only change the way we live and learn but also to empower us all in building a more equitable and sustainable world.


  • Technological innovations and rural village

New Interventions. Real Change

As a young man, Godfrey Nefolovhodwe walked a 38km round trip to get to high school every day, a journey that took about three hours each way. He usually left home in the dark, [...]

  • 4IR has made online learning limitless

Augmented Reality. Real Education

We’ve never depended on technology more ( 4IR has made online learning limitless) and that’s saying something. For decades, and increasingly with every passing year, computers and connectivity have been essential to how we learn, [...]

  • Technological advances tackle unemployment

Digital Work. Real Employment

Technological advances to tackle unemployment The edges of his suit are sharp and crisp. Dark and funky spectacles frame eyes that flash with curiosity and zeal. He smiles easily, speaks animatedly, and has perspectives [...]

  • Accurate breast cancer diagnosis

Artificial Intelligence. Real Diagnosis

In a small clinic on the edge of the village of Ga-Maja in rural Limpopo, a nurse examines the young woman before her. She’s experiencing pain in her left breast, the woman explains, and [...]

  • Advances in simulation training

Virtual Training. Real Expertise

Robert Westwood and his advances in simulation training Advances in simulation training can save lives.  Read how this training was put into practical use in order to save lives. The brisk air betrays the [...]