First there was the Internet, which connected people with people. Then came the Internet of Things, which connected 4IR technologies with machines. And now there is the Internet of Everything, which connects people with people, people with machines and machines with machines.

As a leading proponent of the Fourth Industrial Revolution (4IR) in Africa, UJ recognises the potential of the Internet of Everything (IoE) to make universal connectivity more relevant and valuable than ever before, turning information into action that creates new capabilities and unprecedented opportunities for people, communities, businesses and countries.

Already we are applying 4IR to both our teaching and learning, using it to advance not just ideas, but skills, expertise and capacity. We believe in the not-too-distant future, people everywhere will experience real benefits and meaningful change in their lives as a result of 4IR.

Scroll down on this 4IR in Action page to experience real examples of the Fourth Industrial Revolution at work.

  • Accurate breast cancer diagnosis

Artificial Intelligence. Real Diagnosis

In a small clinic on the edge of the village of Ga-Maja in rural Limpopo, a nurse examines the young woman before her. She’s experiencing pain in her left breast, the woman explains, and [...]

  • Advances in simulation training

Virtual Training. Real Expertise

Robert Westwood and his advances in simulation training Advances in simulation training can save lives.  Read how this training was put into practical use in order to save lives. The brisk air betrays the [...]