Beyond Imagining Issue 10

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There’s you, and then there’s the digital you.

The first exists in three dimensions. You attend in-person interviews for jobs. You give presentations to demonstrate your expertise and speak about your work at conferences. You host events and hold positions on panels. You go on dates. You’re a very physical being in a very physical world.

The second exists in two dimensions. It is the version of you that people find when they type your name into Google, LinkedIn or Facebook. It’s the representation of you that exists on Twitter or TikTok. It’s your Tinder profile. It’s your digital presence in a digital world.

For decades, having a footprint in both worlds has been critical for any kind of self-promotion, whether professional or personal. But the digital space – purely because of the opportunities it affords to scale public knowledge of who you are and what you do – has become indispensable. Of course, this means that it has also become increasingly cluttered and competitive.

How then, if in-person engagements to a limited audience aren’t enough, and amid all the noise of cyberspace, do you promote yourself? How do you stand out from the rest?

Here, in our latest edition of Beyond Imagining, we take a look.

Beyond Imagining Issue 10


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