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Beyond Imagining – Issue 3.

We are living in a world beyond what we ever thought possible – a world Beyond Imagining. Everything that once felt certain has been destabilised: how we move about our communities, cities and the world; how we work; how we educate our children; and how we plan for the future. In our new world, nothing is as it was.

In times like these, the creativity and innovation that defines the Fourth Industrial Revolution (4IR) is more critical than ever before. We need new solutions to solve unprecedented problems, and we need them to help make our world sustainable in the long term.

Welcome to the latest edition of Beyond Imagining – issue 3, a 4IR-focused publication brought to you by the University of Johannesburg (UJ). In this edition, we are looking at the ways in which 4IR is being used to address a myriad of challenges faced by the planet and her people – not only in the Covid-19 era, but well beyond. The pursuit of these innovations is nothing less than the creation of a sustainable earth.



beyond-imagining-issue-3Creating a sustainable earth through 4IR.

In the 260 years since the start of the First Industrial Revolution, our world has changed dramatically…
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beyond-imagining-issue-3The intersection of agriculture and AI in Africa.

Perhaps the largest cause for concern in Africa right now is its agricultural sector, where climate change…
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beyond-imagining-issue-3Gwakwani: South Africa’s first smart rural village.

In South Africa’s north-east corner, not far from the borders of Zimbabwe and Mozambique, 100 people call the remote village of Gwakwani home.
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beyond-imagining-issue-34IR helps to boost South Africa’s mining sector.

Since 2014, the DSI-NRF Centre of Excellence for Integrated Mineral and Energy Resource Analysis (CIMERA) has studied the origin…
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beyond-imagining-issue-3How our food choices impact our health.

Unhealthy food choices, obesity levels, and the risk of food-related non-communicable diseases are on the rise across the world, including…
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beyond-imagining-issue-3Creating a circular economy of waste.

There’s little doubt that 4IR is bringing massive benefits to the planet. It is in the process of improving industrial processes…
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Four questions answered about smart cities.

Smart cities are here, and they’re gaining traction the world over for their innovative and sustainable approaches to dealing with….
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Young industrial designers usher in new era of environmental awareness.

Industrial designers are trained to use large industrial applications to execute their work….
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Mobile water lab improves the health of remote communities.

Access to good quality water, sanitation and domestic hygiene is a cornerstone of public health. Without it, people run the risk of contracting a variety of…
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A playful and innovative approach to future-focused design.

In 2020, UJ’s Department of Industrial Design gave its second-year students a project: they were instructed to design an artefact..
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