Your future is in your hands. But when you choose UJ as your go-to university, you are not alone.

We will make sure you gain all the knowledge and skill to thrive in a tech-orientated world without losing sight of who you are, because we strive to combine the world’s turbo-charged advancements in technology with a deep sense of humanity.

Your destiny lies within your grasp. When you select UJ as your university of choice, remember: You’re not on this journey alone.

We’re committed to equipping you with the expertise and skills necessary to flourish in an increasingly tech-driven society, all while preserving the essence of your individuality. At UJ, we merge the exhilarating momentum of technological breakthroughs with an unwavering dedication to human values.

While we champion the Fourth Industrial Revolution (4IR), harnessing the power of digital transformation, it’s never at the expense of your humanity. Our curriculum is finely balanced to prepare you for a future in which you have all the technological and human skills to help you thrive.

Choose UJ, where we’ve built your future into our curriculum, enabling you to leap ahead and find your next level of success.

When you do your part at UJ, we will ensure that you’re not just prepared for your next big step up, but poised to reimagine it.

UJ 4IR Courses

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Artificial Intelligence Perspectives for Professionals in Business


Blockchain Technology for Professionals in Business


4IR for Professionals In Business

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